UPDATE: Project Jei-Krodua Anglican Basic Schools

Thanks to the numerous donations received for the Jei-Krodua Anglican Basic Schools project, we have managed to make significant progress in the construction of the new school building. Looking at the pictures you can see that we managed to lay the foundation and have started constructing the walls. Unfortunately we are not there yet. About […]



NGO Future Kids Ghana officially registered

The 16th of May marked a special day for Future Kids Ghana. That day the complete board of Future Kids Ghaan was invited at the notary’s office to come and sign the statutes, hereby officially registering the NGO. Last week we’ve received confirmation from our bank that the bank account has been officially opened. We […]

Donation Received from Kiwanis Valkenswaard Dommelland

On Friday the 4th of April Future Kids Ghana received the wonderful news from Mr. van Meel, chairman of the Fund Spending Commission of Kiwanis Valkenswaard Dommelland, that they have approved our request for a donation to the Jei-Krodua Anglican Basic Schools project. Kiwanis Valkenswaard Dommelland has promised to donate the amazing amount of €5000, […]



Project Jei-Krodua Anglican Basic Schools well underway

After the construction of the building was started on the 3th of February, the construction workers have worked hard to construct the foundation for the building. We have received a couple of pictures and added them to this post. Meanwhile we are still looking for donations to fund the rest of the project. Are you […]

Bert van der Kroft biking for Future Kids Ghana

Starting from April 2014 Bert van der Kroft will start his amazing journey to Thailand. Where others will prefer to take the plane from Amsterdam to Bangkok to arrive there in about 11 hours, Bert chooses to travel by bicycle. A journey of arround 17.000 km (10,500 miles) will take him through countries we’ve probably […]

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Construction of classrooms Jei-Krodua started

On the 3th of February the wait was over, under the watchful eye of the Priest, the local community and Mavis the ground works for the classrooms for the Jei-Krodua Anglican Basic Schools started. The first significant donations made the start of the project possible. We are now working as hard has possible to get the […]